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Learn about the process of aluminum manufacturing and its various aspects. From extractive metallurgy to surface modification, explore the world of aluminum production.

Aluminum Manufacturing in the book

“Alloy Production and Materials Manufacturing” –
Handbook of Aluminum: V. 2

Edited by George E. Totten, D. Scott MacKenzie

This second volume of Handbook of Aluminum addresses the physical metallurgy and
processing technologies of aluminum and its alloys in a thorough and deliberate


  • Extractive Metallurgy of Aluminum
  • Smelting of Aluminum
  • Creation of Master Alloys for Aluminum
  • Recycling of Aluminum
  • Analytical Techniques for Aluminum
  • Work Hardening, Recovery, Recrystallization, and Grain Growth
  • Modeling of Microstructural Evolution During Processing of Aluminum Alloys
  • Texture-Property Relationships in Aluminum Alloys: Simulations and Experiments
  • Property Prediction
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Corrosion of Aluminum and Its Alloys
  • Surface Chemistry of Adhesion to Aluminum
  • Surface Modification
  • Aluminum Nitriding
  • Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloys
  • Aluminum Intermetallics
  • Aluminum-Based Metal Matrix Composites
  • Environmental and Toxicological Effects
  • Appendixes:
    • Alloy Equivalents
    • Aluminum Specifications
    • Wrought and Cast Aluminum Chemical Specifications
    • Typical Properties of Wrought and Cast Aluminum Alloys

The information in these chapters, in addition to that in Volume 1, provides the reader with an extensive and rigorous reference to nearly all aspects of the production, physical metallurgy, and processing technologies encountered in the aluminum alloy industry.


Some usuful pictures from this book

Figure 6 – Production of Aluminium
[Extractive Metallurgy of Aluminum]

Figure 6 – Cell for the electrorefining of aluminum in a fused salt
[Extractive Metallurgy of Aluminum]

Figure 14 – The comparison of traditional (carbon) and inert anodes operation in electrolysis
[Smelting of Aluminum]