ALUMINIUM 2018 in Dusseldorf: learning aluminum

ALUMINIUM 2018 in Düsseldorf

From 9 by 11 October 2018 year next Congress will be held in Düsseldorf ALUMINUM 2018.

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As it was in 2016 year

From 29 November 1 December 2016 of the year, in Düsseldorf, Germany passed the most important event of the aluminum industry - a global ALUMINIUM International Exhibition 2016.

The whole value chain for aluminum

On the exhibition-fair Aluminum 2016 Düsseldorf participated more 900 companies, enormous, large, medium and small. Они охватывали всю цепочку создания стоимости (value chain) для алюминия: от глобальной добычи бокситов и выплавки первичного алюминия до частной деятельности, such as, Aluminum consulting and journalism. It means, that aluminum provides inspiration for creativity and hundreds of thousands of jobs, or even millions of people around the world.

cepockkaValue chain for aluminum

Aluminum in finished products

A good half of this value chain occupies the use of aluminum in industries, которые производят готовую продукцию:

  • automotive industry;
  • construction;
  • авиация и космос;
  • cars, агрегаты и товары массового потребления;
  • transport;
  • product packaging.

Below is an overview of aluminum used in each of these industries.

Автомобилестроение: самый важный рынок

Modern megatrend towards lightweight construction in vehicles is a source of constant growth of aluminum use in cars. Aluminum in cars is becoming more and more - in engines, housing, bearing elements and chassis.

Этот тренд лучше виден в цифрах – масса алюминий на один автомобиль постоянно растет:

  • Sixty years ago, the car was in the middle 19 kilograms of aluminum
  • from 1990 to 2013 , the proportion of aluminum in the car grew from 50 to 140 kilograms
  • TO 2020 the proportion of aluminum around 160-180 kg through the use of aluminum not only expensive, but in the mass car models



aluminum car

Алюминий в строительстве: не только фасады

The construction industry worldwide increasingly rely on aluminum as a building material. Small weight and high strength aluminum find application in the lung structures and facade supporting structures of bridges

In cooperation with glass aluminum sets the trends in modern architecture. aluminum is used, to create architectural masterpieces, which exhibit excellent insulation against the cold, heat and noise, a variety of colors the outer surface of buildings. Aluminum profiles give designers the possibility to implement the most unexpected technical solutions for facades, doors and windows and the successful implementation of their worldwide.

For many years, aluminum is used, to create a new design phenomenon in the internal environment of buildings. From high-quality furniture to the familiar things of daily aluminum really is a trendsetter of modern design trends.



Aluminum garden from RUSAL

Аэрокосмическая индустрия: технологии с будущим

Weight reduction is a key element in the design of aircraft. All efforts are aimed at reducing aircraft fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Aluminum remains the most important material plane.

However, more light metals replaced plastics based carbon fiber. Nonetheless, aluminum industry has a solid reputation as a reliable partner for aircraft manufacturers. First of all, as a source of great potential for innovation. Moreover, proizodstvo mass parts of carbon fiber is not the most expensive affair. In a competitive aluminum industry must work even harder. Therefore, a few years ago, aluminum producers have focused on composite materials.

Aerospace - this is not the market, which is growing due to expansion of mass production. Therefore, the new technical findings on the results of scientific research are the main source of growth. Today need, so it's new ideas, which could play a role in the future, including on the ground.



Aluminum for space and aviation

Office Supplies, at home, отдыха и спорта: еще больше алюминия

By doping in other elements, for example, zinc, copper, silicon or magnesium, Aluminum becomes capable vomprinimat different types of stress, which occur in the machines, units and products. The point of metallurgists - to create appropriate aluminum alloys, which have the desired characteristics.

In addition to its light weight aluminum has other important properties, за которые его ценят инженеры-разработчики:

  • chemical resistance,
  • a variety of surface finishes,
  • high conductivity of heat and electricity,
  • high strength,
  • molding complex shapes, rolling, forging, forging or extrusion.

In recent years, these techniques give aluminum a predetermined shape a serious competitor - 3D-printing, special, for prototypes and small series products. Experts predict 3D-printing is a huge market. Little of, that this technique can be cheaper to manufacture individual products. It can create components with structural characteristics, which can not be obtained by traditional technology.



aluminum dress

Транспортное машиностроение: еще легче, more effectively

In buses, trucks, wagons or ships, on the ground or on the water - all aluminum gives ideas for today, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions in today's transport.

The aluminum rail vehicles not only saves energy due to its low weight, but also help the trains reach higher speeds. Four out of five passenger cars in Western Europe are now made of aluminum.

Modern ships have to be quick, manervennymi, light and at the same time, strong and durable. All of these properties they are given aluminum alloys, which are used in the modern shipbuilding industry. Modern aluminum materials provide all, require that ships, яхты и катера: прочность, resistance to corrosion, including, in seawater, and , water-, The Air- and pogodonepronitsaemost.

In public transport, for example, buses and trams, The use of aluminum also gives its rewards. Modern city buses with aluminum body several hundred kilograms lighter, conventional buses.



Aluminum transport

Упаковка: эффективная и непроницаемая

Functionality, usability and creative design - these are just some facets of modern packaging industry. Aluminum is one of the most versatile and efficient packaging materials, either alone, or in combination with other materials.

Aluminum provides reliable protection products, but, what is more important for its success in the market - is its unparalleled comfort. Aluminum cans and include aerosol cans. These aerosol cans provide the desired dosage thanks to the integrated spray system.

Переработка алюминиевой упаковки в Германии набирает обороты: из более, than one hundred thousand tons of aluminum, which is used in packaging, the smelter receives about 90 %. For beer cans even higher result - about 96 %.

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