at ALUEXPO 2015 in the Stambul

From 8 by 10 October 2015 years in the sunny and warm Istanbul hosted the 4th International Trade Exhibition and Technology Fair, mechanical engineering and aluminum products. Эта выставка была организована турецким филиалом знаменитой выставочной организации Deutsche Messe при всемерной поддержке Ассоциации турецких предприятий алюминиевой промышленности (TALSAD). The exhibition was held in three spacious halls – 9, 10 and 11 - Istanbul ExpoCenter.


In the lobby of the ALUEXPO exhibition 2015 on ALUEXPO 2015

We, the team, were fortunate enough to participate in this outstanding Aluminum Show. – ALUEXPO 2015. This exhibition has become a unique opportunity for us in just three days to get acquainted closely with the products of all the leading Turkish manufacturers aluminum products and equipment, as well as several global aluminum companies.

A similar exhibition is held in Istanbul with 2009 years and for the fourth time. With each new exhibition, its scope increases as the number of participants, and in terms of quality and saturation of expositions.

Turkish exhibitions ALUEXPO are the largest forums in Eurasia for professionals in the aluminum industry. In these forums, technical experts, marketers and managers get the opportunity to establish effective contacts with new suppliers and customers, strengthen old ties, enrich with new knowledge and exchange experience with colleagues.

Three pavilions of ALUEXPO 2015

Hall 9 was provided exclusively to Turkish aluminum producers. Здесь были выставлена алюминиевая продукция для:

  • automotive industry,
  • building,
  • packaging,
  • defense industry,
  • power industry,
  • aircraft manufacturing,
  • transport engineering
  • other industries, and
  • household products, Sports & Outdoors.

In the halls 10 and 11 Leading global aluminum companies hosted by major Turkish companies, which supply raw materials, expendable materials, modern machinery and equipment for the aluminum industry.

Global RUSAL

Russian RUSAL occupied the most advantageous place near the entrance to the 10th pavilion. He immediately caught his eye with his grand stand and traditional Russian jewelry, samovar and nesting dolls. Friendly and competent employees of Rusal, including, pretty girls, enjoyed communicating with visitors - who were not few - in Russian and in English. With this booth, RUSAL opened its new representative office in Turkey..

RUSAL's presence was felt in all three pavilions of the exhibition on large red bags with the company name. Almost half of the visitors to the exhibition wore the exhibition materials in these comfortable shoulder bags.


aluminum products

Here is an incomplete list of aluminum products., которая была выставлена:

  • profiles, sheets and other products for construction
  • profiles, sheets and castings for the production of consumer goods
  • Aluminum foil and other aluminum packaging materials
  • High strength aluminum materials for the defense and aerospace industries
  • aluminum sheets, pressed products and castings for transport, including, for the automotive industry
  • A huge variety of aluminum products for a wide variety of areas of human activity.


The beauty of aluminum scrap

Raw materials and equipment

Companies, поставляющие сырье и оборудование для производства алюминиевой продукции представляли (и не только):

  • raw materials, primary aluminum, ingots and ingots
  • Lines for the production of aluminum profiles
  • Injection molding machines
  • Equipment for the processing of aluminum scrap
  • Equipment, technologies and consumables for surface finishing of aluminum profiles
  • Technology and equipment development services, reconstruction and technical consulting


OMAV's giant matrix

Knowledge of aluminum – force

In parallel with the exhibition, the 7th Symposium on the exchange of technical information on metallurgy and aluminum processing was held. Leading experts of the Turkish aluminum industry held discussions on the current trends in the development of their industry in various areas - the economic, technological and scientific.

Moreover, there were several special stands at the exhibition, at which scientific reports of students and young scientists were presented. They had a lot of useful information., which was worth learning.

Young – the road

By the way, that all three days at the exhibition there was a noticeably large number of students - whole study groups. They were keenly interested in exhibits and asked a lot of questions.. it – good sign, that the aluminum industry has good future prospects.

Aluminum and art

In the spacious lobby of the exhibition attracted the attention of the wall, hung with photographs from the life of the aluminum industry. It’s not easy in these pictures, in fact, the work of picturesque foundry workers got its artistic romantic expression.


Followed by

We brought from this exhibition not only new contacts and vivid impressions, but also numerous technical materials - fresh and useful. Soon they will find their place in the publications on our website - the site


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