5 world top manufacturers of aluminum cans

380 type aluminum cans

Due to its undeniable advantages aluminum cans It is rapidly gaining global markets packaging products. The USA is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum cans. A striking diversity - US only used about 380 various types of aluminum cans.

Manufacturers of aluminum cans have invested over one billion dollars in the United States manufacturing facilities over the last five years. US manufacturers of aluminum cans reached annual production of its products worth about 124 billion.

This July, the Can Manufactures Institute (CMI), which is the industry association for the production of metal cans in the United States, asked the US Department of the industry to release the aluminum sheet, which is used for production of cans for beer and soft drinks, from the tariff or trade restrictions.

Below is an overview of the five largest US manufacturers of aluminum cans.


Typical production process for making aluminum cans

Production process of aluminum sheet for making the body and lid of a beverage can [2]

Manufacturing process of aluminum sheet beverage can body [2]

Ball Corporation

Corporation Ball Corporation is the largest North American manufacturer of aluminum cans for beer and soft drinks, which are made from recycled materials. The company manufactures metal packaging for beer and soft drinks, food and household products. The company Ball Corporation reported sales in the amount of 9,1 billion dollars in 2016 year.

The company recently announced, that begins the construction of a new production for the production of beverage packaging in Goodyear, Arizona. Start of production is planned for the second quarter 2018. The new venture will be focused on the manufacture of special aluminum cans for consumption in the US southwest.

Ardagh Group

The company Ardagh Group produces packaging for the largest global brands. The company operates 109 manufactures for the production of glass and metal packaging for beer and beverage 22 countries. Its annual turnover is around 7,7 billion euros.

The company provides production of a wide range of cans for beer and drinks many different shapes and sizes. Aluminum cans of Ardagh Group are available in a wide variety of shape options, color and size, from the normal standard to beautiful, Fine and slender.

Command, which is working on the development of new products, constantly striving to find new ideas for new features, forms and decorations for aluminum cans. Constant updating of the product and its production process provides aluminum cans for the beverage company Ardagh Group consistently high quality, innovative and environmentally friendly form of packaging.

Crown Holdings

Crown Holdings Company produces, It designs and sells packaging for beer and beverages, food packaging, aerosol containers, metal containers and a special worldwide food packaging. It produces an impressive number of aluminum cans, that satisfies all requests of producers and consumers of beer, food and beverage.

Silgan Containers

The company Silgan Containers is the largest manufacturer of metal food packaging in the United States. It produces steel cans and aluminum, welded from three or two parts, hybrid packaging and metal molds, a variety of products to cover, beer, beverages, as food packaging for pets.

Metal Container Corporation

ballpany Metal Container Corporation - is a division of Anheuser-Busch. It has in the United States seven plants. The company manufactures and supplies aluminum cans and caps for manufacturers of beer and carbonated drinks, including PepsiCo, Coca-Cola и Hansen Natural Corp..

Source: www.alcircle.com