21-International fair of foundry technologies METAL, ALUMINIUM & NonFerMet в г. Kielce (Poland)

It is known, что экономическое развитие и оживление всегда связано с активизацией выставок, торговых ярмарок и конгрессов, которые рассчитаны на относительно узкие, особые аудитории – представителей конкретных отраслей промышленности, секторов бизнеса, профессиональных групп. Международная выставка METAL, ALUMINIUM & NonFerMet, которая только что – с 22 by 24 September 2016 года – прошла в польском городе Кельце, является тому отличным примером.

Малый литейный бизнес как локомотив промышленного роста

Эта выставка была нацелена на сектор промышленности, who is engaged in metal casting, colored and black. In Poland, this sector includes more than 400 foundries, as well as a strong scientific and educational infrastructure for foundry. Noticed, that in some European countries the industrial metal casting sector shows significantly higher efficiency, than the national economy as a whole. Such trends can be seen in such countries., like Germany, Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland.

This phenomenon is the result of the operation of the basic principle of European reindustrialization, which is one of the goals of the European Union. This principle is, to support those industries in every European country, which are already showing effectiveness, which is higher, than the Community average.

Need to mark, that not all European foundries have overcome the current crisis. Ferrous metal casting continues to stagnate. But casting of non-ferrous metals, and especially aluminum car casting, shows clear signs of recovery.

METAL exhibition formula, ALUMINIUM & NonFerMet

Over twenty years of successful work, this exhibition has developed its own formula. Exhibition METAL, ALUMINIUM & NonFerMet is a presentation and meeting platform for technical casting professionals. It provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technologies, materials, by machines, equipment, software, as well as curricula in foundry. This exhibition is closely related to scientific conferences, as well as related exhibitions, which makes it possible to constantly update knowledge, the emergence of new ideas and the creation of a fruitful business atmosphere for business.

Die casting dominates

This show was dominated by injection molding. Companies from Germany, Italy and Switzerland have discovered new opportunities for cooperation with new customers and new markets. Foundries "bragged" about their high-quality products. Many companies offered advanced injection molding equipment. Among them are Italian companies, such as , AGRATI, GOLOSIO, IDRA, ITALPRESSE, MAICOPRESSE, DIESSE и Buhler.

The authority of Polish foundry workers

Polish foundry exhibitions are becoming more popular and authoritative. They serve as a kind of showcase for showing the latest achievements and development trends in this sector of the economy.. Business deals are done here, which will give the industry new orders.

The exhibition presented the full technological cycle of the foundry - from the supply of charge to packaging of finished products.. This contributed to the adoption of decisions on the modernization of production, investments and equipment supplies.

Polish Foundry Science

Exhibition Metal Expo in g. Kielce was of great importance for Polish foundry science, the leader of which is the Research Institute of Casting in the city of Krakow. This institute is one of the founders and active organizer of these international foundry forums. The exhibition gave Polish foundry scientists a unique opportunity to present their scientific developments to leading European companies., who produce foundry equipment.

Companies from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

We were at this exhibition and saw everything with our own eyes. First of all, I wanted to see companies from Russia and neighboring countries. However, only a few companies from the post-Soviet space were represented at the exhibition..

Russia was represented by the well-known company Stroibis (www.stroibis.ru), engaged in the production and supply of fluxes for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.

Belarus was represented by the Association of Foundry and Metallurgists (http://alimrb.by), which very soon - 19-21 October - opens the 24th International Scientific and Technical Conference in Minsk “Foundry and Metallurgy 2016” and information exhibition of foundry and metallurgical technologies.

Most of all were represented by companies from Ukraine. Thermolit (www.termolit.ua), together with its Polish distributor, presented its induction furnaces. Engineering company SAS (www.sasua.com.ua), also having a representative office in Poland, presented a wide range of foundry tools and chemical products for metal casting technology. NPP Institute for Analytical Control Methods (www.inam.kiev.ua), demonstrated his device for analyzing the chemical composition of metals and alloys. A special common stand of Ukrainian companies was also available at the exhibition., where you could talk with representatives of TIN Impex (www.tinimpex.com) – manufacturer of aluminum casting alloys, Kharkov plant named after. Malyshev (www.malyshevplant.com) and other members of the Ukrainian delegation.

In a conversation with us, the director of the Targi Kielce exhibition center, Mr. Piotr Pawelec, noted, that cooperation with the CIS countries is very important both for the exhibition, and for the metallurgical industry in Poland as a whole. Mr. Pavelets also expressed hope, that future interest in METAL, ALUMINIUM & NonFerMet on the part of companies from the former USSR will grow, and the organizers of the exhibition will be happy to help them get the most out of such events.

The future of METAL, ALUMINIUM & NonFerMet

V 2018 year Polish Metal Expo will organize the World Foundry Congress http://www.73wfc.com/ . The host of this congress will be the city of Krakow. This is no coincidence, since it is in Krakow that the Faculty of Foundry Technologies of the Mining and Metallurgical Academy (AGH) is located, Research Institute of Casting and Chamber of Commerce.

Without a doubt, it will be a landmark event for foundry workers around the world. Don't miss - Poland is just around the corner and is waiting for you!