Handbook of Aluminum: Volume 2: Alloy Production and Materials Manufacturing / eds. by George E. Totten, D. Scott MacKenzie









  • Extractive Metallurgy of Aluminum
  • Smelting of Aluminum
  • Creation of Master Alloys for Aluminum
  • Recycling of Aluminum
  • Analytical Techniques for Aluminum
  • Work Hardening, Recovery, Recrystallization, and Grain Growth
  • Modeling of Microstructural Evolution During Processing of Aluminum Alloys
  • Texture-Property Relationships in Aluminum Alloys: Simulations and Experiments
  • Property Prediction
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Corrosion of Aluminum and Its Alloys
  • Surface Chemistry of Adhesion to Aluminum
  • Surface Modification
  • Aluminum Nitriding
  • Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloys
  • Aluminum Intermetallics
  • Aluminum-Based Metal Matrix Composites
  • Environmental and Toxicological Effects
  • Appendixes:
    • Alloy Equivalents
    • Aluminum Specifications
    • Wrought and Cast Aluminum Chemical Specifications
    • Typical Properties of Wrought and Cast Aluminum Alloys