11th Aluminium Two Thousand Congress 2019: Program

11-th Congress of Aluminum 2000: 9-13 April 2019 of the year

Company Interall, the organizer of the 11th World Congress Aluminium Two Thousand, announced, that the next Congress will be held from 9 by 13 April 2019 of the year Hotel BHR Treviso in the Italian region of Venice Treviso. this Congress will Provoditsya in collaboration with the Faculty of Industrial Engineering University of Bologna.

Like the previous ten congresses Aluminium Two Thousand, the Congress 2019 year, will bring together professionals active global aluminum industry. How did the previous, 10-th Congress, look. here.

This Congress will provide a unique opportunity for production managers, technical specialists, engineers, scientists, process equipment developers and other professionals to meet each other and get acquainted first-hand with the latest innovations and technical findings, and feel the modern world production trends, processing and use of aluminum.

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Invitation for speakers

Congress Organizing Committee Aluminium Two Thousand 2019 invites professionals in the aluminum industry and related fields to make a presentation on the topics below.

It is important to note, that the amount of payment for participation in the Congress for the speakers is much lower, than for ordinary members. Students are also provided a significant reduction. See also:. more here.

The organizing committee asks potential speakers to submit the proposed title of the report with a list of authors

not later 28 February 2018 of the year.

Abstract of the report (no more 1 pages) must be submitted
not later 30 April 2018 of the year.


Markets and ArtRATEG their development

  • Traditional Markets: Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, Gulf countries, Far East
  • BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), present and future
  • Emerging Markets: Mexico, Central and Southern Africa

Aluminum ingots: alloys and equipment

  • Foundry
  • aluminum casting technology
  • Quality extrusion ingots
  • Casting ingots for extrusion
  • homogenization
  • Use of primary aluminum and aluminum scrap
  • Automaton aluminum alloys

aluminum rolling

  • Innovations in aluminum rolling
  • New applications of the aluminum sheet in the industry

Architecture and Construction

  • Building systems
  • Curtain wall
  • Design and construction
  • CAD / CAM
  • The surface finish for exterior and interior structural elements
  • Updates and Maintenance
  • Windows and doors
  • Innovatsionnnoe use of aluminum in architecture and construction

Transport engineering and automotive

  • Innovative products and technologies
  • Samoletostroenie
  • Shipbuilding
  • Automobile production
  • Railway transport
  • patents
  • Computer techologies
  • Machining by cutting
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Design and Innovation


industrial ecology

  • ecological equipment
  • Eco-factories
  • environmentally friendly production
  • saving energy

Manufacturing control

  • Solutions, aimed at saving resources
  • process control
  • Technology Resource Conservation
  • The problem of small parties in the architectural and nearhitekturnyh systems

Process monitoring

  • Efficiency of sensors for monitoring technology
  • new devices
  • Data Management Systems
  • data centers

Production and Technology

  • melting furnaces
  • press
  • auxiliary equipment
  • Heating oven and systems
  • Saws and shears
  • Equipment for the manufacture of finished products
  • Automation
  • Large sections of high-strength alloys
  • Wrapping
  • Lubricants
  • Devices for cooling profiles
  • Cooling liquid nitrogen

Process modeling

  • model
  • testing models
  • Optimization
  • for material
  • Friction
  • Calculation of stress state

quality of products

  • Defects
  • buckling
  • Traces of longitudinal and transverse welds
  • maximum capacity
  • microstructure
  • Metallurgy extrusion speed
  • Metallurgy to improve paint adhesion

Aluminum alloys

  • New aluminum alloys
  • magnesium alloys
  • lithium alloys
  • composite alloys

Extrusion dies

  • Design and fabrication of matrix
  • Dies Correction
  • Cleaning and polishing the matrix
  • Matrices for high performance
  • System computer design
  • The term of service of the matrices
  • Coatings for matrices
  • Cooling systems matrices

New technologies

  • technology CONFORM
  • Thixoextrusion (thixopressing)
  • Extrusion molding roll
  • Hot bending profiles
  • chip extrusion
  • extrusion composite


  • Mounting products
  • surface preparation
  • Mechanical and chemical etching
  • high speed anodizing
  • Anodizing and coloring of casting alloys
  • solid anodised
  • Rectifiers for anodizing
  • New drugs for immersion and electrolytic coloring
  • Prints on anodic coating
  • New in filling anodic coatings
  • "Cold" filling without nickel
  • Vertical lines anodizing
  • Automatic hanging products for anodizing


  • Powder and the "wet" technology
  • surface preparation
  • Beskhromatnaya surface preparation
  • High-quality paint poliesternye
  • Continuous powder painting
  • Staining of small parties
  • The vertical and horizontal lines
  • COMPACT lines for powder coating aluminum profiles
  • Subsurface corrosion and point defects
  • The problem of paint adhesion
  • New methods for powder coating
  • Methods of coating "wood"
  • liquid paint
  • Materials Coating
  • The starting materials for the manufacture of paints
  • Powder coating manufacturing technology

Nanotechnology for aluminum


  • "Smart Factory"
  • Automatic extrusion
  • Anodizing with automatic hanging the
  • Fully automatic painting lines
  • Automation packing profiles
  • automated warehouse
  • Internet technology for the aluminum industry

measurement, testing and quality control methods

  • certification
  • computerized technology
  • Measurement methods and quality control
  • Measuring tools
  • quality management systems
  • test
  • analysis of materials

Innovation and research

  • Automation
  • new patents
  • New areas of application aluminum
  • Aluminum and sports equipment

Environmental protection and recycling

  • Prevention of industrial accidents
  • Equipment, non-polluting
  • Innovative factories
  • environmental technology
  • Recovery and recycling of materials after the end of their useful life
  • safety equipment
  • Technology and production processes
  • Processing wastewater and gas emissions
  • saving water
  • Zero discharge of pollutants
  • Equipment for environmental protection
  • Reduction of solid industrial wastes
  • Reduction of sulphates in the effluent

Casting and injection molding

Foundry technology

  • Zatverdevanye
  • Modeling
  • Fast casting
  • Innovative foundry technology
  • New materials and alloys
  • pouring defect
  • Microstructure and Properties
  • Heat treatment
  • Design of molds

Technology management

  • Competitiveness: innovation in all technologies
  • management strategies
  • Advances in technology
  • Quality control

Process Quality Control

  • The starting materials
  • batch processing before loading into the furnace
  • Melting
  • Flyusovanie
  • grinding grain
  • Filling and make-up casting systems
  • The casting defects and microstructure

Process monitoring

  • Information sensors: from charge to finished casting
  • Analytical instruments
  • Data management
  • enterprise resource planning strategy

technological innovations

  • Innovations in casting practice

Process modeling

  • predictive model
  • Checking models
  • Optimization
  • Co-simulation of different technologies
  • structural modeling

new alloys

  • The role of new alloying elements in improving the quality and compatibility with the casting technology

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