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Aluminum Recycling – Mark Schlesinger

by Mark E. Schlesinger


Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – The Ore Body

Chapter 3Scrap Collection

Chapter 4 – Aluminum Recycling Economics

Chapter 5 – BeneficiationTechnology

Chapter 6 – Beneficiation Practice

Chapter 7 – Melting Furnace Fundamentals

Chapter 8 – Melting Furnace Parts and Accessories

Chapter 9 – Fossil-Fuel Furnaces

Chapter 10 – Electric Furnace Melting

Chapter 11 – The Recycling Industry

Chapter 12 – Metal Refining and Purification

Chapter 13 – Dross Processing

Chapter 14 – Safety and Environmental Considerations

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Some very usuful figures and texts from this book

Figure 5.21
The melt loss from various types of coated and uncoated scrap
charged directly to a furnace (McAvoy et al.).

Figure 7.1 – Cross section of reverberatory melting furnace,
illustrating radiation heat transfer.
(Alchalabi, R., Meng, F., and Peel, A.)

Figure 8.3 – Schematic of regenerative burner arrangement
for reverberatory melting furnace. (Bowers, J.D.)

Figure 9.1 – Generic wet-hearth melting furnace.
(McKenna, J.P. and Wisdom, A.)

Figure 9.2 – Dry-hearth melting furnace.
(McKenna, J.P. and Wisdom, A.)

Figure 9.3 – Stack melter.
(McKenna, J.P. and Wisdom, A.)

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