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Aluminum Design Manual 2020 / Aluminum Association


  • The Specification for Aluminum Structures
  • The Commentary to the Specification for Aluminum Structures
  • A Design Guide:
    – aluminum structural design codes
    – aluminum composite material
    – adhesive bonded joints
    – extrusion design
    – corrosion
    – fire protection, and
    – sustainability
  • Material Properties:
    – the wrought and cast alloy and temper designation systems
    – comparative characteristics
    – typical physical properties, and densities of common aluminum alloys
  • Section Properties for common aluminum products
    – channels
    – I-shapes
    – angles
    – tees
    – zees
    – square
    – rectangular, and round tube
    – roofing and siding, and
    – pipe
  • Design Aids, including:
    – 48 allowable stress tables for common alloy-tempers
    – load span tables for Aluminum Association channels and I-shapes, grating, tread plate, and roofing and siding
  • Illustrative Examples, with 31 design examples of use of the Specification for Aluminum Structures
  • Guidelines for Aluminum Sheet Metal Work in Building Construction
  • A new Code of Standard Practice for Fabricating and Erecting Structural Aluminum, which provides a common understanding of acceptable standards when contracting for structural aluminum.

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